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Order Cancellation

Any application submitted on our website by you for our services can be cancelled any time prior to its submission to the DVLA. Applications are submitted to the DVLA normally within 24 hours of receiving the payment.

A refund will be issued (after deducting 15 pounds administration fee) if the application is cancelled (within 24 hours of making the payment) prior to its submission to be processed at DVLA. Cancellation requests received after 24 hours of application will not refunded.

In order to place the cancellation order, please email us. This information MUST be delivered by filling in:Click here to fill the Contact Us - Form or by sending an email to

NOTE: All the refunds will be issued directly to the given card only. Kindly submit your Transaction ID

Remittance will be credited from the within 5-7 business days after the time of order placed.

Terms & Conditions

READ THE DOCUMENT CAREFULLY. All the terms present in detail the services of as well as serves as the base of any contract placed on this website by you.

Terms of Service

All these terms and conditions of the website govern the usage of services offered and available at the website by you. Please Read the document CAREFULLY and make sure you understand it. You warrant and ensure by clicking the “I ACCEPT” button that you completely understand these terms. In case you do not agree or consider any part of these terms or the services kindly do not proceed.

1 Terminologies & interpretations:

Some specific terms are used in the website and are repeated many times. For example:

Application Form:

Meaning the form to be used and completed by you which are located on the website for more than one reasons and purposes regarding driving license.


The agreement between you for the provision of specified services and also consolidates the terms.


Any kind of electronic medium involved for communicating our services towards our consumers and all the source is used by the owner of the website

Privacy Statement:

Includes the policy regarding the Data protection as provided by the “user” and the privacy as shown on the Website.

Review and Submission:

This is related to specific service offered regarding your application for Driving License and is mentioned in clause 5.1 separately.

Service Charges:

Represents and states about the refundable charges for providing the services located on the website.

"You" and/or "Your":

Whenever mentioned means you the user/client that is also same for “you” or “your”.

2 Initial Information

2.1 Under this clause you must ensure that you are 16 years old or above otherwise you are not eligible to use the services.

2.2 You must also ensure and testify that you are capable, have the authority and is mentally healthy in order to understand and remain bound with these terms.

3 Contract configuration between you and

3.1 The time of your contract begins from the time of transact of the receipt of Service charges and shall remain active until the duration required to obtain and provide services unless cancelled corresponding to these terms.

4 Conformation

4.1 Subject to the clause 3 herein, you hereby positively conform towards making an electronic submission on your own regarding the information in the Application form to the DVLA as a part of the Service.

5 compulsions to You

5.1 The payments collected by you regarding service Charges and considering your agreement with these Terms, shall use its reasonable enterprise to:

5.1.2 To check and perform a comprehensive review of the application submitted by you.

5.1.3 Check and ensure correction of the information given by you to make an Application form to DVLA for the driving license.

5.1.4 Sending the completed Application on your behalf to DVLA or any of its selected organizations via electronic means.

5.2 Shall spend the reasonable enterprise to provide the service or any additional services that is offered available to you but cannot guarantee an uninterrupted or technical fault free service.

5.3 Any of these may be subjected to change from time to time and a notices regarding these updates through a message will be displayed on the website. A 7 days’ notice for any changes will be given to you. In case you do not agree of any such change you may proceed to your right for cancelling the contract by notice that is via email to the website. Otherwise your continuation for the use of services after the implementation of the changes will be considered that you comply to these changes.

5.4 The website can be subjected to upgrades from time to time or modified or otherwise amended by the owner. Such circumstances may result as a delay or temporarily unavailable. To minimize the disruption action will be taken, but you acknowledge and accept that such problems are not avoidable and service might not be available to you.

6 Your compulsions to

6.1 You shall

6.1.1 To provide the services you shall provide the necessary information that is correct and accurate

6.1.2 To refrain and avoid the improper, unlawful or fraudulent activity regarding the service usage.

6.13 not to use the services that undertakes criminal act or cause inconvenience or abuse others

6.1.4 Any commercial use for the services is prohibited

6.1.5 Any sales or promotion of the services or engagement in other such activities is prohibited

6.1.6 Must comply and cooperate for any security checks and respond to request regarding information in order to be able to provide the services accordingly

6.1.7 You must acknowledge that you do not stand as the “main Applicant” procures that (a) the consent of such main applicant in respect of the Service; (b) that such main applicant is 16 years old and above; and (c) that such main applicant is eligible to make such application to the DVLA;

6.1.8 Must inform immediately in case you receive the notice alleging your use of service (a) that it counteract the applicable law or legislation (b) repudiates the rights of any third party.

6.1.9 Deliberately inform during the event regarding of any information given for the changes or become inaccurate.

6.1.10 must comply with all reasonable directions given from time to time for the services to be used.

6.1.11 must agree to all the applicable laws and legislations.

7 Service charges, Order termination and Refunds:

7.1 You shall make the payment for the services in advance via credit card, debit card or any other acceptable method as stated on the website. The right to cease the provision of the service is reserved in case of non-payment of the service charges.

7.2 You agree and accept the immediate initiation of the service as operational right after the time of payment and may access the service on the website.

7.3 Subject to the provisions of these Terms, You agree and acknowledge that d owner ue to the nature of the Service, the Service Charge shall be non- refundable and that any request for refund of such Service Charge shall be at 's sole and absolute discretion.

8 Terminations of Services

The provision of the services can be suspended or terminated to you in whole or partially without notice.

8.1.1 In case it is considered that you failed to comply with one or more of these terms.

8.1.2 If failed to assist any such non-compliance as shown of these terms within reasonable period by and notified to you: or

8.1.3 In case you have submitted false or misleading information in respect of and/or in order to procure the service; or

8.1.4 in case the owner cease the availability of the network.

8.2 You may terminate the Service by giving not less than seven (7) days prior notice by contacting 's Customer Services at or filling a form at Click here to fill the Contact Us but in case the application is submitted to be processed at DVLA will be operated as stated in clause 1 (see above)

8.3 Upon the termination of the Service as stated in clause 8.1 or 8.2, shall forthwith cease provision of the Service to You.

8.4 Clauses 1, 8.4, 10 and 12 shall survive the termination of these Terms however arising.

9 Privacy Policy

9.1 A strict policy is practiced and enforced. The specific terms of the privacy policy form a part of these terms and You agree and stand bound by them.

10 Intellectual Property

10.1 All the contents, patents, design used in the website are copyright protected, , the right to use software and all other similar proprietary rights (whether registered or unregistered) worldwide ("Intellectual Property Rights") relating to the Website.

11 Exclusion of guarantees and Liabilities

11.1 Cannot give any guarantees regarding any defined result for services by your usage or the information given on the website. Unless otherwise mentioned in the terms the service delivered to you is already defined and no warranties regarding the accuracy, reliability, timeliness, availability, adequacy or for any other is promised or given

11.2 All the information on the website and the terms are only given for the sake of your information. These terms do not form part or constitute any legislation or official document and are not intended to address your any strategy for making action after specifically relying on them.

11.3 Where the Website includes views, opinions, advice and recommendations, these views, opinions, advice and recommendations are not endorsed by and, to the maximum extent permitted by law, shall not be liable on account of the accuracy, defamatory nature, completeness, timeliness or otherwise of such views, opinions, advice and recommendations.

11.4 Reliance upon the third party providers or network operators will not be guaranteed for any quality of service mentioned above.
11.5 You warrant that

11.5.1 That you are eligible to apply for the license at DVLA in according to clause 2 and comply to all applicable law and legislation

11.5.2 Ensure that all personal information, data provided is accurate, correct and up to date.

11.5.3 You are aware and fully acknowledge your capability for making the application to DVLA without incurring the services

11.5.4 You understand that these service charges are charged for the services and all these services are payable to: not to DVLA

11.5.5 You understand that is a private business and doesn’t affiliate with visa office

11.6 It is stated as permitted by the law to maximum limit, shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage caused in whole or partially affected. Any delays, disruptions or otherwise provision the service and shall not hold responsible for any indirect or consequences including any loss of the reputation, goodwill, loss of time or business or income or losses of any other kind. Whatever may be the use it is or inability to use the service, the website or any decisions made ar actions taken in reliance or partial reliance upon the information from website and/ or through the service.

11.7 intentionally excludes all liabilities to You if is unable to provide the Service for reasons that are beyond understandable control

11.8 Notwithstanding the preceding, nothing in these Terms removes or limit’s liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence

11.9 Subject to clause 11.6 and 11.8, 's maximum aggregate liability to You under, arising from or in connection with these Terms whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, shall not exceed the Service Charges paid by You under these Terms.

12 Legal Protection (general)

12.1 This contract must be considered as personal between You and You may never transfer it to any third part but may transfer and share the contract with third party.

12.2 In case of failure during the time of these Terms, to reiterate upon the strict performances of any of Your compulsion under these terms, or in case of failures to exercise any of these rights or assistance to which is bound to perform under these terms shall not result in a waiver of such rights or shall not release you from compliance with such compulsions.

12.3 By any default a waiver shall not form a waiver of any subsequent default

12.4 No waiver until unless is expressed mentioned to be a waiver and is communicated to You in writing will be considered for any of the terms.

12.5 Any term condition or provision found invalid, unlawful or un enforceable such by any competent authority shall be severed from the rest of the terms and conditions.

12.6 These terms referring to in them represent the entire agreement between you and relate the services and shall super cede any prior agreement conducted before whether oral or in writing.

12.7 You fully acknowledge that no promise or negotiations were made to you outside these stated terms before entering into these terms.

12.8 These Terms are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with English law and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


We offer a simple, step by step solution to renewing, replacement or applying for UK driving licences. With our service, your application will be thoroughly checked for any mistakes or omissions before being processed with the DVLA. This ensures your application is completed as quickly as possible with minimal delay. Please note that we do charge a service fee and we are in no way affiliated with the UK Government or the DVLA. You can apply directly with the DVLA for a reduced cost

By using this service you agree to our terms and conditions.

According to government stipulations, if you are renewing your licence for the first time since turning
70, you will receive a D1 pack to complete your application.

Address : 17 Seagull Close , barking, ig11 0gx

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